Global Nomad works in partnership with local communities to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development. In all of our remote destinations, we provide equipment and expert guidance to help farmers and fishermen set up organic farms. This provides enhanced livelihood options and more nourishing food for both locals and our guests.
In coastal areas, we support educational programs to promote reef conservation. We also work with national organizations for the development of community tourism projects.
Our clients are often struck by the beauty and kindness of the people and landscapes that they visit and are eager to make a difference. Some do this through personal engagement — ‘voluntourism’ — while others prefer to provide financial support to communities or NGOs and foundations. For example, one couple was extremely moved by the angelic voices of a casually organized children's choir in a fishing village. Spontaneously, this couple pledged to sponsor the future education of every child.
Global Nomad takes all necessary steps to ensure that donations directly benefit their intended recipients, and maintains regular contact with donors to let them know how their gifts are being received.